The Foundation

Mission Statement

The mission of the Foundation is to provide a significant, continuing contribution to the industry in which Wally Russell spent his career.

To inspire new potential talent in the manner in which Wally inspired so many during his lifetime.

To perpetuate the memory of a truly great industry professional.

To accomplish the above goals and objectives in a manner most fitting with the skills, talents and character of Wally Russell.

About the Organization

The Foundation consists of a Board of Directors comprised of both active and emeritus members.

To date, all members are individuals whose lives and careers were influenced in a significant manner by their association with Wally. Future Board members will be selected and elected from the Industry by the existing active members of the Board.

The Wally Russell Fund gratefully acknowledges Patricia (Pat) MacKay for her conception of the Wally Lifetime Achievement award and for providing the initial inspiration that led to the formation of the organization.

The Foundation is sponsored by individuals and corporations who wish to commemorate Wally Russell.

Board Members

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