Wally Russell Lighting Internship Update – July 2014

Wally Russell Lighting Internship
Canadian Opera Company
Toronto Ontario

July 2, 2014

Dear Members of the Board,

I hope this finds you all well!

It has been a busy year full of changes for us here at the COC. As you no doubt have heard we have a new Director of Production; Peter Lamb joined us last summer and has now been with us for just over a year. Chuck Giles has also joined the team as our new Technical Director in December and has been a welcome member of the production department.

The Wally Russell Lighting Internship continues to be an important part of our year. This year’s recipient was Andrea Nelson, a recent graduate of York University, as well as a junior member of IATSE Local 58.

In no time at all Andrea became an integral member of the team. Her young years belie a maturity and instinct for the art form. In manner, approach, personality and talent she proved she has that unique combination that is rare especially in one at the beginning of their career, but also in many who have been in the industry for years.

It became clear to us that Andrea could continue to be a valuable member of the production department and we hired her as a full ALD for our Spring 3-show rep season. She left no doubt in our mind that we had made the right choice.

Andrea will also be joining us for our Winter 2015 and Spring 2015 seasons; we look forward to having her back.

The support of the Wally Russell Foundation continues to be the single most important way we – as a company – can continue to mentor the next generation of lighting professionals. With your gracious and generous commitment to funding the internship, we will begin our search for the next internship candidate this fall. Again the internship will take place during the Winter 2015 season.

Some more news on past applicants:

Jareth Li is completing his fourth season as Assistant Lighting Designer with the Stratford Festival, and Tristan Tidswell is continuing to work actively in lighting design – both have become good colleagues. Jareth continues to work with the COC as an Assistant Lighting Designer in addition to designing his own work and teaching in the production stream at York University. Aaron Bernstein continues to find work in the digital and projection worlds primarily here in Toronto.

On behalf of the Canadian Opera Company and myself, please accept our continued thanks for the support given by you, the members Wally Russell Foundation Board of Directors. Without your generosity this incredible opportunity would not be possible. It continues to be one of the most sought-after internships in our Area.

With best regards to all.


Wendy Greenwood
Lighting Coordinator

Canadian Opera Company

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